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About RecycleMax

Who we are and what we do

Our Company ("RecycleMax") is a cutting-edge platform for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental customers to manage waste recycling and disposal services. We're creating one place to connect all the dots of the recycling supply-chain globally. RecycleMax is based in Detroit, Michigan, and has a strong track record when it comes to solving waste management challenges large and small. In addition to our subscription-based online services, RecycleMax provides customers with one source for the environmentally sound management of its solid and liquid wastes while delivering significant cost-savings over traditional disposal.

Our History

RecycleMax was founded by Keith Zendler in 1995 after five years of successful recycling and waste management consulting and marketing for the waste management industry. The company survived a near-disastrous "crash" in market values during its first year that led to a very difficult startup phase, however, the strength of the RecycleMax business model kept the company alive and growing. RecycleMax expanded its service area from SE Michigan to 20 states, primarily the Midwest, Southeast and East Coast. Much of our growth came from contracts with national entities like the US Postal Service, GSA and large automotive companies. However, the 2008 Great Recession dealt a major blow to our industry and from 2008 to 2019, the company went into a sort of "hibernation mode" to re-group, re-tool, and re-energize. During this period, we undertook extensive market research in far-away places like India and developed our new web-based platform and model. 2021 marked our return to the market and our team and technology are ready for global growth and impact.

Our Strengths

Our strategy has evolved over the years from being a local recycler with its own plant and fleet to a global waste manager with sales generated principally through our industry-first website and services outsourced to a network of recyclers, shredders and waste haulers.

A key strength has been providing user-friendly employee training & education (which motivates customer employees to produce more higher- quality recyclables and less waste for landfilling). RecycleMax has also mastered the design, implementation, and management of programs that maximize the recovery of recyclable commodities from a spectrum of facility types in what we call "Total Waste Management" (TWM). And because we’re not limited to our own fleet and processing facilities, we can provide customers with coast-to-coast and even global programs.

Our Market

The disposal market has long been dominated by publicly owned and generally landfill-based companies which have traditionally given little real attention to recycling issues. We believe the industry is still open for a "recycling-based" solution to managing wastes. The recycling market is still highly fragmented and ripe for consolidation by a single-source provider like RecycleMax.

The $500 billion global recycling and waste management industry is projected to rise to $800 billion by 2025 (Waste Management Market by Waste Type, Report Buyer) as countries scramble to address climate change, environmental pollution and rising demand for material feed stocks to supply their growing populations and rising standards of living. RecycleMax is in an ideal position to serve this market as a manager of vast supplies of raw material “harvested” from its recycling and disposal customers.

Our Heart

Notwithstanding all the terrific business opportunities that recycling provides, our mission and heart for preserving our natural environment and helping people around the world live in clean communities has always stayed the same. We believe our successes in providing industry-leading programs for recycling and managing wastes here in the United States can provide the technology needed for developing nations around the planet. We are truly doing this for a world of good and hope you join us by choosing RecycleMax to manage wastes at your business or facility!

Our Leadership

Keith Zendler CEO & Founder
Avtar Gour CTO
Okey Uche SVP, International Growth
Gina McGee Program Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world leader in providing waste recycling & disposal technology and services that achieve:

  • Efficient use of our natural resources
  • Economic productivity and
  • Preservation of our natural environment & wildlife

Our Values

The course taken to achieve our mission will undoubtedly vary as we respond to the dynamic conditions present in the world economy and as we strive to help customers recover increasing amounts of waste material for recycling. However, no matter what changes affect our business activities, these values will always govern our operations...

  • Quality – Our products and services must not only be the best in the industry, but the best that they can be for their intended purpose.
  • Honesty – Our word as a company and as individual employees is as final as any written document. If we say we will do it... we will do it! Nothing short of our full commitment to our word is worth the loss of our honesty.
  • Integrity – Our products and services must always be designed in accordance with our corporate mission for a better world. We will not compromise this for short-term profits. Our reputation as the "good-guys" is more valuable than an improved "bottom-line".
  • Commitment to Our Employees – Our employees are the backbone and lifeblood of our company, without whom we will never achieve our corporate mission. Therefore, each employee – as well as his or her family – is a vital part in the well-being of our company and shall be treated as such. We are committed to long-term security of employment and individual growth for our employees that are in turn committed to our goals and values as a corporation. Our employees are more than valuable assets, they are fellow humans with personal and financial needs that we are committed to helping fulfill.
  • Commitment to Our Customers – Our customers are the reason for our company and our mission. We are committed to providing them with the products and services that best meet their needs for profitability and efficiency as well as the greater need for an improved environment.
  • Profitability – Our products and services must be provided in a manner that is profitable for our company and our customers. Our fiscal responsibility as a corporation is vital in allowing our growth both as a company and as individual employees. Our financial profitability will speed our way to the accomplishment of our corporate mission!

We help you make a greener world.

For over 30 years, RecycleMax® has provided cutting-edge recycling and disposal programs to commercial, industrial and institutional facilities across the country. We can provide your company with solutions that save money and make you a leader in the movement for a cleaner and greener planet.

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