RecycleMax is a full-service provider of solid waste recycling and disposal programs to commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Our Mission is to provide the most environmentally and economically sound solid waste recycling and disposal programs in the industry.

Our Vision is to be the leader in providing solid waste recycling and disposal programs with ongoing financial success and the most loyal customers and employees in the industry.

Our Values recognize we operate in a world of dynamic change and growth with ever increasing need for environmentally and economically sound waste management solutions. As we respond to these challenges, the following values will always govern our operations:

Quality: Our products and services must be the best in the industry. We will not compromise quality as our reputation for being the best is ultimately more valuable than short-term profits.

Honesty: Our word as a company and as individual employees is as final as any written document. If we say we will do it...we will do it! Nothing short of our full commitment to our word is worth the loss of our honesty.

Commitment to Our Employees: Our employees are the backbone and life-blood of our company, without whom we will never achieve our corporate vision. Therefore, each employee - as well as his or her family - is a vital part in the well-being of our company and shall be treated as such. We are committed to long-term security of employment and individual growth for our employees that are in turn committed to our goals and values as a corporation.

Commitment to Our Customers: Our customers are the reason for our company and our mission. We are committed to providing them with the products and services that best meet their needs for profitability and efficiency as well as the greater need for an improved environment.

Profitability: Our products and services must be provided in a manner that is profitable for our company and our customers. Our fiscal responsibility as a corporation is vital in allowing our growth both as a company and as individual employees. Our financial profitability will speed our way to the accomplishment of our corporate vision.