Need a recycling system that your employees will use? No problem with carefully refined containers & supplies from RecycleMax!

Making participation in your recycling programs as convenient as possible is extremely important for your program success. This requires the right system of recycling containers that are easy to distinguish, easy to use and easy to buy.

RecycleMax makes implementing a first rate program easy by providing you with a system of recycling containers & supplies that has been tested in hundreds of facilities. And as part of our simple service agreements, you can usually receive the containers you need at no up front charge!

Features & Benefits:

  • Complete system of recycling containers for offices, hospitals, factories, schools and virtually every other type of facility.
  • Paper Recycling Trays or 14 Quart Blue Rubbermaid Containers for desk side collection of office paper.
  • 30 Gallon White Corrugated Paper Station Containers or 23 Gallon Blue Rubbermaid Containers for central collection of office paper.
  • 30 Gallon Blue Plastic Bags for use in Paper Station Containers.
  • 90 Gallon Blue Recycling Carts with Casters for central collection or housekeeper pickup from desks of office paper. Available with or without locks.
  • Tilt Trucks & Cube Trucks for large facilities for collection of recyclables and rubbish by housekeeping staff. May be towed separately or in “trains”.
  • Full line of recycling & waste receptacles from Toter, Inc.
  • Customized containers & supplies may be ordered with your organization’s logo.
  • Special orders for non-stock containers & supplies are no problem!

RecycleMax has emerged as the leader in providing comprehensive waste recycling and disposal services for every environment including commercial, industrial and institutional facilities across North America. We are able to provide your company with a turnkey solution to your solid waste challenges that will work cost-effectively and conveniently for years to come!

Why is RecycleMax the leader? Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Single source solution for the recycling of paper, plastic, metal, wood, electronic wastes, destruction of confidential materials and the safe disposal of wastes.
  • Unmatched fleet capabilities including Roll-Off, Front Load, Semi-Tractor, Box Truck and Onsite Shredding Trucks.
  • Compactors, Balers and Containers of almost every size, including 20, 30, 35, 40 and 80-yard Roll-Off Open Tops and Compactors; 2,4,6 and 8-yard Front Load Dumpsters, 48-Foot Trailers and 90-Gallon Carts.
  • Complete Employee Training and Program Management that handles all phases of launching and managing your program.

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